The Korean Journal of Malacology (Korean J. Malacol), the journal owned and published by the Malacological Society of Korea, is published four times a year at the ends of March, June, September and December by the Malacological Society of Korea. It was launched in 1985. The journal publishes original research on the Molluscs that is of high quality and of broad international interest. Studies whose scope bridges several areas of malacology are particularly encouraged, for example morphological, ecological, and medical aspect of mollusks. The Journal will not, in general, publish papers that are merely confirmatory, preliminary reports of partially completed or incompletely documented research, findings of as yet uncertain significance, or reports simply documenting well known processes in organisms or cell types not previously studied. Methodological studies will be considered only when some new result of biological significance has been achieved with the method. The criteria for acceptance of manuscripts are priority, scientific excellence, significance, and interest for the general readership. When manuscripts are accepted contingent on revision, only a single revised version will be considered, and it must be received within three months of the decision date. Otherwise the manuscript will be considered as a resubmission, requiring re-review.