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Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis of Koreanomelania nodifila using Arginine Kinase gene
Vol : 39   No : 4   page 199 - 205
Hyeok Lee, Min kyu Sang, Dae kwon Song, Jie Eun Park, Jun Yang Jeong, Chan Eui Hong, Yong Tae Kim, Hyun Jun Sin, Yi Seon Jang, Hee-Ju Hwang, Se Won Kang, So Young Park, Hong Seog Park, Jun Sang Lee, Yeon soo Han8 and Yong Seok Lee,
[PDF Download]

Redescription of a samlid and three dorid nudibranchs (Nudibranchia: Gastropoda) from South Korea and their COI genetic variation
Vol : 39   No : 4   page 189 - 197
Dae-Wui Jung, Jongrak Lee, Ui Wook Hwang and Sa Heung Kim
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Estimation of Genetic Trend for Growth Traits of Pacific Abalone, Haliotis discus hannai using Multiple Traits Animal Model
Vol : 39   No : 4   page 179 - 187
Jong-Won Park, Hyejin Kim, Dain Lee, Min-Hwan Jeong, Julan Kim, Chaehyeon Lim and Hyun-Chul Kim
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Bioaccumulation, efflux and subcellular partitioning of Ag and Zn in the clam (Corbicular fluminea) exposded to nanoparticles via dietary route
Vol : 39   No : 4   page 169 - 178
Yang Song Yi and Lee Byeong-Gweon
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Comparative toxicity of Alexandrium affine to finfish Thamnaconus modestus and shellfish Haliotis discus hannai
Vol : 39   No : 4   page 161 - 167
Sang­Jun Lee, Moon­Ho Son, Hae­Rim Kim and Hyun­Jeong Lim
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Effect of water temperature on survival of the ark shell, Scapharca subcrenata
Vol : 39   No : 4   page 155 - 160
Jido Han, Mi Ae Jeon, Soo Cheol Kim, Deok Chan Lee and Jae Kwon Cho
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Effects of Oyster Rack Culture on the Seawater Qaulity in the Intertidal Waters
Vol : 39   No : 4   page 149 - 154
Ju-Hyun Kang and Sang-Man Cho
[PDF Download]

Acquisition of Basic Data for Environmental Change Monitoring through the Investigation of Genetic Resources of Molluscs Inhabiting Gyeongpo Lake
Vol : 39   No : 4   page 141 - 148
Hyeon Jun Shin, Jun Yang Jeong, Chan Eui Hong, Yong Tae Kim, Hyeok Lee, Yi Seon Jang, Min Kyu Sang, Jie Eun Park, Dae Kwon Song, Hong Seog Park, Yong Hun Jo, Jun Sang Lee and Yong Seok Lee,
[PDF Download]

Morphological Description of Marionia olivacea Baba, 1937, (Gastropoda: Nudibranchia: Tritoniidae) from Korean Waters
Vol : 39   No : 4   page 137 - 139
Sang-Hwa Lee, Sang-Hui Lee and Taekjun Lee
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Newly Record of Megayoldia toyamaensis (Kuroda, 1929) (Bivalvia: Nuculanoidea:
Yoldiidae) in Korean Fauna

Vol : 39   No : 4   page 133 - 135
Sang-Hwa Lee, Chung-Bae Kang, Cheol Yu, Na-Eun Jo, Jung-Hwa Choi and Myung-Hwa Shin
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First Record of Abyssal vitreous scallop, Delectopecten vitreus (Gmelin, 1791) (Bivalvia:
Pectinoidea: Pectinidae) from Korea

Vol : 39   No : 4   page 127 - 131
Sang-Hwa Lee, Cheol Yu, Chang Rak Jo, Ui-Cheol Shin, Young-Sun Song, Eun-Ho Kim and Myung-Hwa Shin
[PDF Download]

In vitro propagation of the alveolate protozoa Perkinsus olseni isolated from Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum in Korea
Vol : 39   No : 3   page 121 - 126
Hyun-Sil Kang, Hyun-Ki Hong, Young-Ghan Cho, Hye-Mi Lee and Kwang-Sik Choi
[PDF Download]

Assessment for the Health level of the Tidal flat using Biomarker genes of Manila clam, Ruditapes philippinarum 
Vol : 39   No : 3   page 113 - 120
Yoon Seok Choi and Maeng Jin Kim
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Bacteriological quality evaluation of seawater and shellfish from the Chilcheondo area, Shellfish growing area in korea
Vol : 39   No : 3   page 103 - 112
Sung Rae Cho, Minchul Yoon, Ji Hoon Kim, Jang Won Lee, Hye Young Shin, Ki Ho Nam, Sang Hyeon Jeong, Ji Young Kwon, Kwang Soo Ha and Kunbawui Park
[PDF Download]

Evaluation of the Effect of the Inland Pollution Source on Seawater and Shellfish after Rainfall in the Goseong Bay, Korea
Vol : 39   No : 3   page 89 - 101
Ji Hoon Kim, Minchul Yoon, Sung Rae Cho, Jang Won Lee, Sang Hyeon Jung,Ki Ho Nam, Kwang Soo Ha and Kunbawui Park
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