Morphological Description of Marionia olivacea Baba, 1937, (Gastropoda: Nudibranchia: Tritoniidae) from Korean Waters
Sang-Hwa Lee, Sang-Hui Lee and Taekjun Lee
Invertebrate Diversity Institute (InDI), Cheongju, 24339, Republic of Korea National Marine Biodiversity Institute of Korea, Seocheon, 33662, Republic of Korea Department of Animal Resources Science, Sahmyook University, Seoul 01795, Korea

A tritoniid species, Marionia olivacea Baba, 1937 belonging to the family Tritoniidae was collected by SCUBA survey in Korean fauna. Since only the scientific name of this species was listed on the National List of Marine Species 2023, we provide more information about M. olivacea, including an additional name in Korean and its morphological descript-xion in this study.

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