Newly Record of Megayoldia toyamaensis (Kuroda, 1929) (Bivalvia: Nuculanoidea:
Yoldiidae) in Korean Fauna
Sang-Hwa Lee, Chung-Bae Kang, Cheol Yu, Na-Eun Jo, Jung-Hwa Choi and Myung-Hwa Shin
Invertebrate Diversity Institute (InDI), Cheongju, 24339, Republic of Korea National Marine Biodiversity Institute of Korea, Seocheon, 33662, Republic of Korea Dokdo Fisheries Research Center, National Institute of Fisheries Science
A yoldiid species, Megayoldia toyamaensis (Kuroda, 1929) is newly recorded from Korea. Six individuals were collected by standard bottom trawl survey (East Sea) from April and October 2023. To date, three species, belonging to the genus Megayoldia have been reported from Korea. In this study, we have added M. toyamaensis (Kuroda, 1929) as a new record from Korean waters with its morphological descript-xion.
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