Development processes on the early Middle Miocene mollusca thanatocoenosis in Kangdong-dong, Ulsan, South Korea
Da Un Jeong, Yeon Gyu Lee and Chang Han Hwang
Fisheries Science Institute, Chonnam National University, Yeosu 59626, Korea Department of Ocean Integrated Science, Chonnam National University, Yeosu 59626, Korea Ulsan Institute of Cultural Properties, Ulsan 44936, Korea.
Observation and division of sedimentary facies, and establishment of molluscan fossil assemblage in 5 sediment horizons of the early Middle Miocene sediment body (Shinhyeon Formation of Ulsan Basin) distributed at Kangdong-dong, Ulsan City, conducted to understand the mechanism of development and changing history of molluscan fossil assemblages. Sedimentary facies and Molluscan fossil assemblages composed of composed of 7 types (facies 1-7) and, Crassostrea assembage (layer I) - Vicarya-Cultellus assemblage (layer II) - Crassostrea assemblage (layer III) - Vicarya-Cultellus asemblage (layer IV) - Vicarya-Tatewaia-Striarca assemblage (layer V) toward upper from lower layer, respectively. Crassostrea assemblage of layer I and III indicating the intertidal-subtidal environment and Vicarya assemblage of layer II, IV and V indicating the marsh-intertidal environment appeared repeatedly. It is caused by the transgression and regression of sea level.
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