Larvae growth and development in fertilized eggs of the Solen grandis
Bo-Hyun Choi, Dong-Geun Lee, Chung-Kug Park, Nam-Yong Hwang, Sin-Hong An, Yo-Han Kang, Gyeong-Dong Go, Ji-su Lee, Kyoung-Sik Lee, Joon-Taek Park and Kyoung-Woo LeeBo-Hyun Choi, Dong-Geun Lee, Chung-Kug Park, Nam-Yong Hwang, Sin-Hong An, Yo-Han Kang, Gyeon
JeollaNamdo Institute of Ocean&Fisheries Science
Solen grandis is an industrially important edible bivalve that is traded at high prices as it is unfarmed and the production has decreased due to environmental pollution and overfishing. Major studies on Solen grandis have reported only basic research on reproductive development, change, etc., and no studies on spawning, egg development, and larval management have been reported for seed production and aquaculture technology development. Therefore, in this study, spawning was carried out using mature plaques secured through habitat survey for Solen grandis seed acid, and artificial seed production was succeeded, and the egg development process from fertilized egg to D phase larva and larval development process of 1 mm or more were observed through a microscope. Additionally, this study aims to develop technology for promoting seed production as basic research for fostering high value-added bivalve industrial varieties and resource recovery. Based on the existing research data, we conducted research on the development of fertilized eggs and larval development using the mature plaques of Solen grandis.
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