The shell size compositions and densities of bivalve populations at tidal flats around the Saemangeum
Jin-Woo Choi, Bong-Oh Kwon, Seojoon Yoon, Jungho Nam and Jong Seong Khim
Research Institute of Oceanography, Seoul National University, Seoul 08826, Korea Department of Marine Biology, Kunsan National University, Gunsan 54150, Korea Korea Maritime Institute, Busan 49111, Korea
This study was focused to know what happened to three bivalve resources (Ruditapes philippinarum, Mactra veneriformis, and Meretrix petechialis) at tidal flats around the Saemangeum during recent years. The population density of M. petechialis at the Yubu-do tidal flat has been gradually declined by the continuous harvesting of fishermen and reached to be a very low density of 0.6 ind./m2. Because a very low juvenile recruitment is expected due to the lack of larval supply from a very low fertilization rate due to its low adult density, it is necessary to provide some protective sites containing dense adults of M. petechialis in order to avoid the Allee effects in Yubu-do tidal flat. In the case of the populations of R. philippinarium and Mactra veneriformis at Wi-do tidal flat, there was no natural recruitment during recent two years and few small individuals of these two species and only large individuals were found compared with those from Yubu-do and Sinshi-do, especially at the lower tidal flat due to the accumulation of fine sediments. For Ruditapes and Mactra populations, it should be necessary for a detailed a detailed monitoring study to solve problems on the survival of juveniles and recruitment failure and to know whether there are some relationships between the high mortality and recruitment failures and fine particle depositions at the tidal flats.
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