Assessment of Bacteriological Safety of the Seawater and Abalone (Haliotis discus hannai) in Bogil-Nohwa area, Korea
Soon Bum Shin, Woo Suk Choi, Ji Hee Lee, Min Jin Kim and Chi won Lim
South Sea Fisheries Research Institute, NIFS, Yeosu 59780, Republic of Korea Food Safety and Processing Research Division, NIFS, Busan 46083, Republic of Korea
In this study, we evaluated the bacteriological safety of seawater and abalone in Bogil-Nohwa area from August 2020 to July 2022 and calculated the effect of inland pollution sources on seawater and abalone in this area. We analyzed the indicator bacteria of fecal contamination such as coliform group, Fecal coliform and Escherichia coli (E. coli) in the seawater, abalone and discharge water of major inland pollutants. In 726 seawater samples, the range of coliform group and Fecal coliform was all < 1.8-920 MPN/100 mL, and the calculated geometric mean and the estimated 90th percentile ranges of coliform group and Fecal coliform were < 1.8-5.6, < 1.8-32 and < 1.8-.0, < 1.8-13 MPN/100 mL, respectively. The range of coliform group, Fecal coliform and E. coli levels for 87 abalones was < 18-3,500, < 18-45 and < 18-20 MPN/100 g respectively, and the range of plate count was < 30-3,600 CFU/100 g. The range of Fecal coliform and radius in impacted area of 7 contaminants was < 1.8-35,000 MPN/100 mL and 2-2,202  m, respectively.
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