Larvae growth and development in fertilized eggs of the soft shell clam, Mya arenaria
Dong Geun Lee, Joon Taek Park, Se Un Ki, Bo Hyune Choi, Kyoung Sun Kim, Chang Yong Im, Gyeong Dong Go, Ji Su Lee, Kyoung Sik Lee, Kyoung-Woo Lee
JeollaNamdo Institute of Ocean&Fisheries Science, Wando 59116, Korea
This study researched seed production technology for bivalvia soft-shell clam. The result of the experiment on the fertilized egg development showed the fertilized egg was 80.8 mm, and it took 29 hours to reach the stage of the D-shaped larvae at a water temperature of 17°C. The first feeding of larva took place 44 hours after fertilization. The D-shaped production of soft-shell clam fertilized eggs was in the range of 17-23℃ in water temperature and 30-33℃-77-78% in salt concentration. Based on the experimental results, foot was formed at shell length 231.6 ± 10.6 μm around 15 days after fertilization according to the results of mass seed production at 17.2-24.5℃, 31.2-33.6%, and landing was completed at shell length 258.4 ± 10.6 μm around 20 days after fertilization. Plantigrade larvae reached average shell length 1 mm around 44 days after seed production, and an average of 3 mm around 66 days.
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