Full-length mitochondrial genome of the boring polychaete species, Polydora hoplura (Annelida) isolated from abalone, Haliotis discus hannai shells
Deok Chan Lee, Jido Han, Keun-Yong Kim, Mi Ae Jeon, Dawoon Kim, Hon Park, Byung-Hak Kim
South Sea Fisheries Research Institute, NIFS, Yeosu, South Korea AquaGenTech Co., Ltd., Busan, South Korea
The mitochondrial genome (mitogenome) of the invasive and harmful polychaete species, Polydora hoplura (Annelida), was analyzed by next generation sequencing (NGS). Its mitogenome was found to be 17,597 bp in length, comprising 13 protein-coding genes, two ribosomal RNA genes, and 23 transfer RNA genes, with one additional trnM gene. The gene composition and order of P. hoplura were distinct from those of polychaetes and even differed from those of Marenzelleria neglecta belonging to the same family, Spionidae.
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