Effects of the salinity and temperature on the mortality of Crassostrea gigas
Jin-Young Seo, Jihun Kim, Do Hyun Jeong, Minji Lee, Kyoungsoon Shin and Seung Ho Baek
Risk Assessment Research Center, KIOST, Geoje 53201, Republic of Korea Library of Marine Samples, KIOST, Geoje 53201, Korea Ballast Water Research Center, KIOST, Geoje 53201, Republic of Korea
This study was conducted to measured the survival rate of Crassostrea gigas according to the salinity when the water temperature is high. In laboratory, the mortality test was performed on the C. gigas, we conducted experiments at water temperature 20, 25, and 30℃, salinity was tested at intervals 5 psu from 0 to 35 psu. At 20℃, mortality was only seen at low salinity below 5 psu, on the other hand, above 25℃, the mortality was 100% at 5 psu, and it was all survived at the above 30 psu. However, at a water temperature of 30℃ or higher, all individuals died regardless of the concentrations of salinity. However, as a result of measuring the clearance rate, it was found that the feeding activity was performed only at 30 psu and 35 psu at 20℃ and 25℃, respectively. And at 30℃, it was found that feeding activity was not performed at all concentrations of salinity. It was confirmed that exposure to low-salt water during high water temperature affects the feeding and survival of C. gigas.
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