Report on the new habitat of Clithon retropictum (v. Martens, 1870) in a small estuary on the northern Jeju Island
Ronald G. Noseworthy and Kwang-Sik Choi
Department of Marine Life Science (BK21 FOUR) and Marine Science Institute, Jeju National University, 102 Jejudaehankno, Jeju 63243 Republic of Korea
The neritid Clithon retropictum (v. Martens, 1870) is listed as a second-grade endangered mollusk species in Korea, inhabiting river mouths and estuaries on the south coast and Jeju Island. C. retropictum has been identified from four localities on Jeju Island, two on the north and the other two on the south coasts. Recent surveys on the northern coast of Jeju Island indicated that a small population of C. retropictum inhabits the river mouth of Gosung-Cheon stream located near Hagwi fishing port on the northern Jeju Island. In the newly found locality, we identify several adult sizes of C. retropictum and the numerous egg capsules attached to rocks. Accordingly, we report the new habitat of the estuarine gastropod on the northern coast of Jeju Island.
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