Evaluation of Sanitary Safety for Shellfish in the Jaranman·Saryangdo area, Korea
Kwang Soo Ha, Ji Young Kwon, Sang Hyeon Jeong, Kun Ba Wui Park, Dong Wook Kim, Ka Jeong Lee, Yeon Jung Jeong, Jong Soo Mok and Kwang Tae Son
Southeast Sea Fisheries Research Institute, NIFS, Tongyoung 53085, Korea Food Safety and Processing Research Division, NIFS, Busan 46083, Korea
To evaluate bacteriological and toxicological safety, the hygienic indicator bacteria and paralytic shellfish toxins in the shellfish produced in the Jaranman·Saryangdo area from 2016 to 2018 were investigated. The bacteriological quality of oysters collected from Jaranman·Saryangdo area meets the standard value based on shellfish hygiene of the Food Sanitation Act of Korea and the Grade A according to the classification of shellfish harvesting areas of European Union, respectively. Paralytic shellfish toxins in mussel samples collected from March to April in 2018 were detected as the range of 0.82-15.26 mg/kg, which was significantly exceeding the standard value. Paralytic shellfish toxins in oyster samples collected from the middle of April in 2018 were also showed as the range of 0.93-3.39 mg/kg. As concerns over the spread and high concentration of marine biotoxins due to recent climate change, the improvement of monitoring and safety management for shellfish toxins are consistently required.
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