The Environmental Characteristics and Factors on the Cultured clam (Ruditapes philippinarum) at Gomso and Geunso bay of in the West coast of Korea
Yoon Seok Choi, Seung Ryul Jeon, Yong Hyeon Choi and Yoon sik Cho
West Sea Fisheries Research Institute, NIFS, Incheon, 22383, Korea Tidal Flat Research Center, NIFS, Kunsan 54014, Korea Marine Environmental Impact Assessment Center, NIFS, Bunsan 46083, Korea
We have studied the systematic monitoring method and construction of tidal flat environment. Surface sediment and sea water samples from the Gomso and Geunso bay of intertidal areas at cultured clams were analyzed for geochemical characteristics and physiochemical parameters. The geochemical characteristics(Chemical Oxygen Demand(COD) ranged from 4 to 8 mg/g-dry wt, Ignition Loss(IL), acid Acid Volatile Sulfide(AVS), Enrichment Factor(Ef), Accumulation Rate(Igeo), C/N ratio and C/S ratio) were measured to estimate the connection of between the contents of inorganic elements in surface sediments of research area. The mean grain size of sediments for research area were different at the ratio of silt and clay. The deposit pore-water of sediments were analyzed the distribution of nutrients at a certain depth profile using the pore-water extraction apparatus. On a wet weight bsais, the concentration of ΣBenzo[α]pyrene ranged frome 0.02 ng/g to 5.61 ng/g and the concentration of toxicity equivalent factor (TEF) for ΣBenzo[α]pyrene ranged frome 0.12 ng/g to 6.51 ng/g. Ef value and Igeo of the metals proved that environmental characteristics can be classified as heavily to moderately polluted. The C/S, C/N ratio were revealed that research area had anoxic or sub-anoxic bottom conditions, respectively. The research areas of cultured clams were effected by the various environmental conditions.
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