Growth Characteristics of the Lamprotula coreana indoor and outdoor-reared
Chan-woo Kim, Si-Woo Lee, Myoung-mo Nam, Hyung kyu Hwang and Dae-hee Kim
Inland Fisheries Research Institute, National Institute of Fisheries Science, NIFS, Gapyeong-gun 12453, Republic of Korea
This study surveyed endangered species, Lamprotula coreana, growth and survival rate by indoor . reared (IDR) and outdoor . reared (ODR). We measured shell length, height, width, weight every month and surveyed water condition everyday from February to November 2015. To assess the growth, calculate growth rate (GR), daily growth rate (DGR), specific growth rate (SGR), weight gain (WG), daily weight gain (DWG), specific weight gain (SWG). As a result, Initial shell length is 71.00 ± 3.37 mm IDR and 88.53 ± 5.63 mm ODR. Final shell length is 78.54 ± 3.60 IDR mm and 92.53 ± 4.92 mm ODR. Initial total weight is 103.67 ± 17.99 g IDR and 203.78 ± 30.61 g ODR. Final total weight is 138.43 ± 19.79 g IDR and 232.95 ± 31.82 g ODR. GR, DGR, SGR, WG, DWG, SWG are significantly different with IDR and ODR (P < 0.05). IDR is significantly higher than ODR and I presume it is because of the fed and water temperature. SR is over 92% for both of them and it is possible to reared indoor and outdoor. Recently, river construction work and environmental change have caused negative impact on the distribution of L. coreana. The result of this study would provide fundamental data for management and species preservation of L. coreana.
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