Latitudinal Variation of the Number of Species and Species Diversity in Shelled Gastropods of Eastern Coast of Korea
Min Ho Son, Jeong Woo Lee, Chang Ho Moon, Sung Kim and Chan Kil Chun
Korea Inter-University Institute of Ocean Science, Pukyong National University, Busan 608-737, Korea
In the present study we examined latitudinal trend of the number of species and species diversity of rocky subtidal shelled gastropods. Specimens were sampled from four wave-exposed sites along the eastern coast of Korea between Sockcho (38°14″N) and Busan (35°06″N), covering a range of over ca. 440 km and 4° of latitude. At a small local scale, the number of species showed a latitudinal trend, decreased with decreasing of latitude, even though no clear trends in species diversity were detected. The present result, consequently, suggest that regulation of small-scale local diversity presumably results from the difference of the local micro-environment.
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