Assessment of Sanitary Safety of the Oyster (Crassostrea gigas) and Short neck clam (Ruditapes philippinarum) in Narodo Area, Korea
Ji Hee Lee, Soon Bum Shin, Sang Hyeon Jeong, Kwang Soo Ha, Ka Jeong Lee, Kwang Tae Son and Chi Won Lim
South Sea Fisheries Research Institute, NIFS, Yeosu 59780, Republic of Korea Food Safety and Processing Research Division, NIFS, Busan 46083, Republic of Korea
In this study, we examined bacteriological and toxicological safety of shellfish produced in the Narodo area from January 2015 to December 2017. The sampling stations for this study were composed of 3 stations for oyster and 2 stations for short neck clam. The range of total coliform, fecal coliform and E. coli levels for 62 oyster samples was < 18-3,500, < 18-230 and < 18-170 MPN/100 g respectively. That for 72 short neck clam samples was < 18-5,400, < 18-330 and < 18-220 MPN/100 g respectively. And Salmonella sp. and Shigella spp. were not detected in all samples. Also paralytic shellfish toxin was not detected and diarrhetic shellfish toxin was detected below the limit of quantification. These results indicate that shellfish produced in Narodo area meets the standard of shellfish hygiene of Food Sanitation Act and assessed to be the Grade A of EU criteria.
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