Comparison of growth performance between diploid and triploid Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas, on the tidal flat in Wando, Korea
Sang-Man Cho
School of Applied Marine Biosciences, Kunsan National University, 558 Daehak-ro, Gunsan 54150, Republic of Korea.
In order to investigate the growth performance, triploid and diploid Pacific oysters, Crassostrea gigas, were introduced into the rack oyster farm on the tidal flat in Wando waters, Korea. No significant differences were observed in monthly growth performance but in total weight in August, 2017 with significant higher in triploid. Whereas a relatively higher specific growth rate was observed in triploid for shell height and total weight as much as 76% and 56% than diploid. This could be attributed to feeding behavior which digestive gland atrophy was much higher in triploid throughout the experiment period except August, 2017. The growth differences were also attributed to a difference of reproductive behavior that triploid, mostly male sex, can easily recover the loss of energy after spawning. No significant difference was observed in proximate composition and hydrolyzed amino acid composition, but more delicate studies required for tasty compound. A hardened triploid spat could be a good approach to introduce a tidal flat rack oyster culture in Wando, being avoid the unnecessary social confliction for fouling contamination for abalone culture in Wando, Korea.
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