Redescription of 11 Species of marine gastropoda from Korea
Jun-Sang Lee and Hyun-Jong Kil
Division of Life Sciences College of Natural Science, Kangwon National University, Chunchon 24341 National Institute of Biological Resources, Incheon 22689
We report the Korean marine gastropods which were collected form six localities in Korean sea waters from May 1995 to February 2007. Among them, 11 species (Lottia tenuisculpta, Coccopigya punctoradiata, Lirularia pygmaea, Eatonina kitanagato, Assiminea estuarina, Assiminea hiradoensis, Teinostoma radiatum, Sticteulima amamiensis, Proterato pura, Bittium alutaceum, Cerithidium perparvulum) are redescribed with pictures.
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