Distribution patterns of a marsh clam, Corbicula japonica on the Eulsuk tidal flat of the Nakdong River estuary, Korea
Jin-Young Seo, Jeong-Hyun Kim, Jong Min Chung, Yong Seok Lee and Jin-Woo Choi
South Sea Environment Research Center, KIOST, Geoje 53201, Republic of Korea Department of Life science and Biotechnology, Soonchunhyang University, Asan 31538, Republic of Korea
For the investigation on the distribution of a brackish water clam, Corbicula japonica inhabiting on the Eulsuk tidal flat in the Nakdong river estuary, faunal samples were collected at 20 sites in March, 2017. Sediments consisted of more than 80% of sand at all sampling sites, salinity was ranged from 25 to 30 psu. Sediment temperature and salinity did not show any difference between the sites in March, 2017. However, due to the influence of rainfall, salinity ranged from 0-30 psu depending on the season. The C. japonica popualtion showed a patchy distribution with its density range of 0 to 52 ind.m-2, and their high density occurred at the southwest part of the tidal flat. The Corbicula population consisted of mainly large adults with their shell length of 25.2-28.6 mm (overall average: 26.72 mm). In July and August, spats with their shell length of 3 to 5 mm were observed, and this suggests that the recruitment of C. japonica should exist before May or June.
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