Complete sequence analysis of mitochondrial genome of Clithon retropictum (Gastropoda; Neritidae)
In-Young Cho, Keun-Yong Kim, Tae Won Jung, Chang Ho Yi, Il Hun Kim, Soon-Sang Hong, Choonkoo Jung, Sung-Jin Hwang, Moongeun Yoon, Donguk Han and Min-Seop Kim
National Marine Biodiversity Institute of Korea, Seocheon 33662, Republic of Korea Department of Genetic Analysis, AquaGenTech Co., Ltd, Busan 48520, Republic of Korea Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Berlin 10115, Germany School of Biological Scienc
Clithon retropictum (family Neritidae) is an aquatic gastropod mollusk that mainly inhabits freshwater. Owing to considerable decreases in its occurrence and natural habitat, and unique ecological characteristics, it has been legally protected as an endangered species in South Korea. In this study, we analyzed the complete mitochondrial genome sequence of C. retropictum and reconstructed phylogenetic trees inferred from the sequences of protein-coding and cytochrome c oxidase 1 (cox1) genes. The phylogenetic tree accurately reflected its morphological taxonomy at the generic level. Inferred from the trees, the occurrence of Clithon species in freshwater has been interpreted as an independent evolutionary event derived from its marine snail ancestor.
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