Effects on the antioxidant and immunological parameters in two species of the abalone, Haliotis discus discus and Haliotis gigantea during thermal stress
EunYoung Min, Shin Hu Kim, Jung Sick Lee and Ju-Chan Kang
Southeast Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Tongyeong 53085, Korea Department of Marine Life-Science, Pukyong National University, Busan 48513, Korea Department of Aqualife Medicine, Chonnam National University, Yeosu 59626, Korea
A study was conducted to evaluate the effects of elevated water temperature on antioxidant and immunological response in the abalones, Haliotis discus discus and Haliotis gigantea. The abalones were exposed to various water temperature; 20, 21, 22, 24, 26 and 28℃ for 96 hours. After thermal stress for 96 hours, in the control, superoxide dismutase (SOD) activities in hepatopancreas of H. gigantea were higher (1.3 times) than the values in H. discus discus. Although SOD activities showed no significant differences in H. discus discus, the values in H. gigantea were significantly increased in 24℃ or higher compared to the control after 24 hours exposure. Catalase (CAT) activities in hepatopancreas of H. discus discus were higher (1.4 times) than the values of H. gigantea in the control. After thermal stress (≥ 26℃), CAT activities significantly increased in both species compared to the control. The phenoloxidase (PO) activity of hemolymph was decreased in both species exposed to high temperature (≥ 26℃) compared to the control (P < 0.05). The values of lysozyme were significantly decreased in H. discus discus exposed to 28℃, and in H. gigantea to 26℃. In conclusion, in both species, there was a significant increase on antioxidant abilities (CAT) and a decrease on immunological parameters (PO and lysozyme) after thermal stress of 26℃ or higher. Also, antioxidant enzymes, SOD activities significantly increased in H. gigantea, but there was no significance in H. discus discus after thermal stress. These results suggested that H. gigantea is considered to be more sensitive than H. discus discus on thermal stress even though the similar warm current type.
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