Habitat characteristics of Scutopus sp.-K (Mollusca: Caudofoveata: Limifossoridae) and its appearance in the East Sea of Korea
Min Ho Son, Hyun Sig Lim, Jik Young Jung and Young Il Kim
Marine Eco-technology Institute, Sinseon-ro, Nam-gu, Busan 48520, Republic of Korea Department of marine and Fisheries Resources, Mokpo National University, 1666 Youngsan-ro, Muan, Jeonnam 58554, Republic of Korea East Sea Research Institute, Korea Inst
Starting from November 2013 to April 2015, collection of sediments as well as biological specimen was carried out at 45 sampling stations to understand inhabitation and distributional pattern of species belonging to Class Caudofoveata in coastal waters of Korea. The results indicated that 1 species belonging to Class Caudofoveata were collected with a range of 10 mm in length and those were identified as Scutopus sp. (Family Limifossoridae). This finding was meaningful in that 2 species in total belonging to Family Limifossoridae were found besides Chaetoderma japonicum which was previously identified. Most Scutopus sp.-K collected in this study was appeared at the depth of 150-160 m in southern part of the East Sea, especially in the depth of 1,600 m central part of the East Sea and 90 m in northern part of the Yellow Sea. Therefore, it can be concluded that Scutopus sp.-K was distributed at the range of 90-1,600 m in depth and sediments where the species in habitat had 6.23 φ in the mean grain size.
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