Characteristics of Molluscan Community Structure and Relationship between the Structure and Environmental Variables in Abyssal Plain of the East Sea
Min Ho Son, Jik Young Jung, Chang Joon Kim and Ki Young Choi
Marine Eco-technology Institute, Sinseon-ro, Nam-gu, Busan 48520, Republic of Korea Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry Research Center, Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, Ansan 15627, Republic of Korea
Study on characteristics of the molluscan community structure and relationship between the structure and environmental variables in the abyssal plain of the East Sea was carried out for 5 years, starting from 2009 until the end of 2015 except 2010 and 2011. The water depth at the study site is approximately 1,600 m at minimum, and maximum depth of 2,000 m and a total of 16 molluscan species including Aplacophora, Gastropoda and Bivalvia were observed. Species with the highest biomass was Thyasira tokunagai, followed by Yoldiella philippiana which were observed at 9 sampling stations every year. Among 4 sampling stations having various depths (1,600/ 1,700/ 1,800/ 2,000 m), the highest diversity for species was observed at water depths of 1,600 m and 1,700 m, but found the lowest at 1,800 m. Both abundance and biomass were found to be negative correlations with water depth (p < 0.05), however, showed a positive correlation with the concentrations of organic matters (p < 0.01, p < 0.05). However, it is interesting to note that both Thyasira tokunagai (biomass, 82.6%; abundance, 44.1%) and Yoldiella philippiana (biomass, 15.9%; abundance, 4.7%) did not show distinctive correlations with water depth as well as concentrations of organic matters (p > 0.05). Therefore, it could be concluded that community structure of both Thyasira tokunagai and Yoldiella philippiana did not appear to be affected by water depth and concentrations of organic matters but geographical characteristics.
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