The survival rate, respiration and heavy metal accumulation of abalone (Haliotis discus hannai) rearing in the different copper alloy composition

Yun-Kyung Shin, Je-Cheon Jun, Jeong-In Myeong and Sung-Jin Yang
Aquaculture Management Division, Aquaculture Research Institute, NFRDI, Busan 619-902, Korea

In order to investigate the effects of copper alloy on abalone physiology, we studied survival rate, respiration, excretion rate, and heavy metal accumulation in each organ of adults and spats. The survival rate of spats and adults showed 27-60% and 63-83% respectively, higher survival rate in adults. In particular, 100% of copper panel led to lowest survival rate and there was no sharp distinction according to copper alloy composition. The respiration rate and excretion rate of ammonia nitrogen was 1.81 mg O2/g D.W./h and 0.43 mg NH4-N/g D.W./h respectively at 100% of copper panel. In other words, there was a high significant difference at the level, but no significant difference at other test levels (P < 0.05). The atomic ratio (0: N) hit the lowest at the 100% of copper panel showing 3.79 and no significant differences were seen among other test groups with 6.57- 7.18 of a very low range. This means that the species might have undergone nutritional stress. In case of copper accumulation, the 100% copper panel group showed the highest level in hepatopancreas and muscle showing 6.91 mg/kg and 1.60 mg/kg respectively but the rest of groups showed similar levels. Zinc accumulation raised at Cu-Zn alloy panel had high significance showing 18.50 mg/kg and 1.10 mg/kg in hepatopancreas and muscle respectively (P < 0.05). To sum up, a cage net made of 100% pure copper is expected to have a negative effect on abalone in light of survival rate, heavy metal accumulation, and atomic ratio (0: N). Moreover, given that the substratum used for the high adhesive species and nutritious stress that is represented through the atomic ratio need to be considered, the copper alloy net is thought not to be suitable for abalone aquaculture.

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