Molecular Phylogeny of Veneroidea (Bivalvia: Heterodonta) on the Basis of Partial Sequences of 28S rRNA Gene
Sei Chang Kim, Jae Jin Kim and Hyun Chul Hong
Department of Biology and Medicinal Science, Pai Chai University, Daejeon 302-735, Korea
To elucidate the phylogenetic relation of the superfamily Veneroidea, we obtained partial 28S rRNA sequences of 14 heterodonts and three pteriomorphs which were collected from Korea and the sequence data of related taxa from GenBank, and analyzed maximum parsimony with PAUP program. 750 of the nucleotide positions were variable, 560 of which were informative under conditions of parsimony. Total tree length was 2,765, and consistency index, homoplasy index (HI), and Retention index were 0.4843, 0.5157, and 0.6291, respectively. Intraspecific variations of 28 rRNA of Corbicula fluminea and Sinonovacula constricta were 3.1% and 1.3%, respectively. Pitarinae-Cyclininae-Meretrinae group had a clade and Samaranginae, Chioninae, and Dorsininae were clustered.
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