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The impact of sand addition to an intertidal area for the development of the Manila clam, Ruditapes philippinarum habitat on benthic community structure (the case of Ojjeom tidal flat in Gonam-myeon, Taean-gun)

Vol : 30   No : 3   page 259 - 271
Sang Pil Yoon, Jae Hee Song, Yoon Seok Choi, Kwang Jae Park and Sang Ok Chung, Hyoung Kyun Han
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Monthly Variation of Phytoplankton Composition and Water quality in Cupped Oyster Crassostrea gigas Culture Area in Iwon, Korea

Vol : 30   No : 3   page 249 - 258
Kim Su Kyoung, Kim Byeong Ho, Oh Eun Kyoung, Song Gi Chul, Ho, Park Soung Yun, Hahn Ki Yeon, Lim Hyun Jeong
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Reproductive Cycle of the Abalone, Haliotis discus hannai Collected from Jindo of Korea

Vol : 30   No : 3   page 243 - 248
Min Woo Park, Hyejin Kim, Byeong Hak Kim, Maeng Hyun Son, Ji Sung Choi and Jung Sick Lee
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The Growth and Survival Rate of Juvenile Abalone, Haliotis discus hannai at Different Intermediate Culture Type in Net Cage or Indoor Tank

Vol : 30   No : 3   page 235 - 242
Byeong-Hak Kim, Min-Woo Park, Tae-Ik Kim, Maeng-Hyun Son and Si-Woo Lee
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The Effect of Growth and Survival Rate on Feeding Rate of Abalone, Haliotis discus hannai, Rearing in Net Cage Culture or Indoor Tank Culture

Vol : 30   No : 3   page 227 - 234
Byeong-Hak Kim, Min-Woo Park, Tae-Ik Kim, Maeng-Hyun Son and Si-Woo Lee
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A Study on the Optimum Stocking Density of Abalone, Haliotis discus hannai, reared in Net Cage Culture

Vol : 30   No : 3   page 219 - 226
Byeong-Hak Kim, Min-Woo Park, Maeng-Hyun Son, Tae-Ik Kim and Si-Woo Lee
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Spermiogenesis and Taxonomical Values of Sperm Ultrastructures in Male Mercenaria stimpsoni (Heterodonta: Veneridae)

Vol : 30   No : 3   page 211 - 218
Jin Hee Kim, Pal Won Son, Sung Han Kim, Young Je Park, Ki Young Lee
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Transferability of Cupped Oyster EST (Expressed Sequence Tag)-Derived SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) Markers to Related Crassostrea and Ostrea Species

Vol : 30   No : 3   page 197 - 210
Woo-Jin Kim, Hyungtaek Jung, Eun-Ha Shin, and Ilseon Baek
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Condition index and hemocyte apoptosis as a health indicator for the Pacific oysters, Crassostrea gigas cultured in the western coastal waters of Korea

Vol : 30   No : 3   page 189 - 196
Hyun Jeong Lim, Mae Soon Lim, Won Young Lee, Eun Hee Choi, Ju Hyun Yoon, Seung Yoon Park, Seung Min Lee and Su Kyoung Kim
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Effect of five PAHs (2-methylnaphthalene, fluorene, dibenzothiophene, phenanthrene, and pyrene) on the embryonic development in the mussel, Mytilus galloprovincialis

Vol : 30   No : 3   page 177 - 187
Chan-Gyoung Sung, Pan-Soo Park, Jong-Hyeon Lee, Chang-Hoon Lee
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The change of the physiological response of the Crassostrea gigas exposed to PAHs

Vol : 30   No : 3   page 169 - 175
Eun Hee Choi, Joong Ki Choi, Won Young Lee, Ju Hyun Yoon, Na Young Shim, Su Kyoung Kim and Hyun Jeong Lim
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Comparative Study on Physicochemical Characteristics of Oyster Shells, Crassostrea gigas, Cultured in Various Waters in Korea.

Vol : 30   No : 2   page 165 - 168
Ju-Hyun Kang, Seung Woo Lee and Sang-Man Cho
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Identification and in silico analysis of two types of serpin genes from expressed sequence tags (ESTs) of the Oriental land snail, Nesiohelix samarangae

Vol : 30   No : 2   page 155 - 163
So Young Park, Ji eun Jeong, Hee Ju Hwang, Tae Hun Wang, Eun Bi Park, Yong Min Kim, Jun-Sang Lee, Yeon Soo Han, Seung-Ha Yang and Yong Seok Lee
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Depositions of Egg Capsules by Female Shell Heights and Comparisons of Sizes at 50% of Group Sexual Maturities of the Female Rapa Whelk Rapana venosa in Three Different Salinity Concentration Regions

Vol : 30   No : 2   page 139 - 153
Il Ho Lee, Ee-Yung Chung, Pal Won Son and Ki-Young Lee
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Two Unrecorded Veneroid species (Bivalvia, Heterodonta) from Korean Waters

Vol : 30   No : 2   page 135 - 138
Jun-Sang Lee, Yong-Seok Lee and Duk-Ki Min
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