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Discovery of the violet blanket octopus, Tremoctopus violaceus Chiaje, 1830 (Cephalopoda: Tremoctopodidae) from Korea
Vol : 36   No : 3   page 117 - 121
Taek-Kwan Oh, Chae Un Park and Sang-Hwa Lee
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Growth comparison of the Pacific Oyster, Crassostrea gigas, between different stocking times into tidal flat rack culture system
Vol : 36   No : 3   page 111 - 116
Woo-Geon Jeong and Sang-Man Cho
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Seasonality of shellfish collection based on growth-line analysis of the hard clam, Meretrix petechialis (Lamarck), recovered from the Konam-ri Shell Midden, Anmyeon Island, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
Vol : 36   No : 3   page 105 - 110
Deog-im An and Dong-Ki Ryu
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Phylogenetic analysis of endangered wild animal Class II Satsuma myomphala using the argrinine kinase gene
Vol : 36   No : 2   page 97 - 104
Min Kyu Sang, Hee-Ju Hwang, Jong Min Chung, Jie Eun Park, Dae Kwon Song, Jun Yang Jeong, So Young Park, Hong seog Park, Yong Hun Jo, Jong dae Lee, Jun Sang Lee, Yong Seok Lee and Se Won Kang
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Effects of changes in water temperatures on physiological stress responses of bay scallops Argopecten irradians
Vol : 36   No : 2   page 89 - 95
Jin Ah Song and Cheol Young Choi
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Phylogenetic analysis of Aegista quelpartensis Using Metallothionein Gene
Vol : 36   No : 2   page 81 - 88
Jun Yang Jeong, Hee-Ju Hwang, Jong Min Chung, Min Kyu Sang, Jie Eun Park, Dae Kwon Song, So Young Park, Jong dae Lee, Hong seog Park, Yong Hun Jo, Jun Sang Lee, Se Won Kang and Yong Seok Lee
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Molecular Phylogenetics Analysis of geoduck (Panopea japonica) apply Metallothionein gene
Vol : 36   No : 2   page 75 - 80
Dae Kwon Song, Hee-Ju Hwang, Jong Min Chung, Jie Eun Park, Min Kyu Sang, Jun Yang Jeong, Se Won Kang, Myung-Mo Nam, Jong Dae Lee, Hong seog Park, Yong Hun Jo, Jun Sang Lee, So Young Park and Yong Seok Lee
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Association of the little-cone limpet Patelloida conulus (Dunker, 1861) with creeping gastropods Rhincoclavis kochi (Philippi, 1848) and Batillaria attramentaria (Crosse, 1862) in Jeju Island on the south coast of Korea
Vol : 36   No : 2   page 71 - 74
Ronald G. Noseworthy and Kwang-Sik Choi
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The effect of the combined addition of astaxanthin and Lactobacillus on the growth and hemolymph characteristics of Haliotis discus hannai
Vol : 36   No : 2   page 63 - 70
Kyeong Sig Lee, Hye-ri Nam, Young Dae Oh, Gun-do Kim, Young Bea Seo and Han Kyu Lim
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Three unrecorded marine gastropods from Korea
Vol : 36   No : 2   page 59 - 62
Sang-Hwa Lee and Jun-Sang Lee
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Diseases of the Manila clam, Ruditapes philippinarum: a review
Vol : 36   No : 1   page 45 - 57
Seung-Hyeon Kim, Biyun Zhao, Kwang-Sik Choi, Jinha Yu, Do-Hyung Kim and Kyungil Park
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Phylogenetic analysis of Charonia sauliae inferred from Aquaporin gene
Vol : 36   No : 1   page 35 - 43
Jong Min Chung, Hee-Ju Hwang, Min Kyu Sang, Jie Eun Park, Dae Kwon Song, Jun Yang Jeong, Yong Hun Jo, Yeon Soo Han, Hong seog Park, Jun Sang Lee, E hyun Shin, So Young Park and Yong Seok Lee
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In vivo toxicity assessment of novel antimicrobial peptide derived from lipopolysaccharide- and ß-1, 3-glucan-binding protein (LGBP) of the pacific abalone (Haliotis discus hannai)
Vol : 36   No : 1   page 23 - 34
Eun-Ha Shin, Eun Hee Park, Eun Soo Noh, Young-Ok Kim, Dong-Gyun Kim, Hee Jeong Kong, Jung Youn Park and Bo-Hye Nam
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Effect of upwelling system for cultchless juvenile Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas culture
Vol : 36   No : 1   page 15 - 22
Hyun Jeong Lim, In Joon Hwang, Jong Cheol Han, Jin Choi, Saebom Sohn, Joo Hyeon Yoon, Haeng Woon Kim and Beom Joo Kim
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Pathological survey of Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum and Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas in Garorim Bay on the west coast of Korea
Vol : 36   No : 1   page 7 - 14
Hye-Mi Lee, Hee-Jung Lee, Hyun-Sil Kang, Jae-Kwon Cho, Hee-Do Jeung, Young-Ghan Cho, Hyun-Ki Hong and Kwang-Sik Choi
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